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Content Creation in the Digital Age

Content creators in the digital age have the best platform in human history to share their creativity and uniqueness with the world. Social media and video sharing platforms like Facebook and YouTube have allowed for an individual to create and share their content on a global scale like never before.

However, it has to be said that not much has been done to protect an individual’s content, privacy, nor ensure that the creator receives their fair share. It is unfortunate that the very same platforms that allow these individuals to share their content with the world, do it mostly for their own benefit. Most of the revenue goes to the company rather than the publisher.

This is where we find blockchain technology revolutionize yet another industry. There are already companies on the blockchain that are focused on giving the power back in the hands of the individual by building decentralized platforms wherein the viewer has full privacy and the publisher is given the lion’s share of revenue based on the popularity of their content.

For example, is a decentralized video service where there are never any ads and users are monetized while browsing if they use the app. Furthermore, the content creator is always monetized for any video that they publish.

A similar example is the blockchain-based blogging and social media website, which rewards its users with STEEM tokens for publishing and maintaining content. Users get to decide the payout of each post by voting and commenting. This allows better content to be awarded more tokens and therein influences publishers to focus their efforts on making better content.

Atheneum is similarly revolutionizing the way that educators around the world are incentivized for their work. Its core mission is to combine education and an open market in order to allow for quality, affordable education to be available worldwide.

On forthcoming LEARN platform, instructors will own all of the content they create, thus ensuring complete privacy. They will be free to set their own pricing for their respective courses which are reviewed by students via a feedback and review system. The global reach, scalability and competition from other instructors should incentivize them to provide premium content at a low cost.

Atheneum allows instructors to receive their fair share while providing the highest educational content at the most competitive price. This leads to a win-win situation for both students and educators worldwide when using the Atheneum platform.

Published by Brian De Mint, written by Syed S. Alam

Copywriter, Atheneum