Memorandum of Understanding Announcement

We are pleased to announce that the Atheneum Blockchain has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with KRATE Distributed Information Systems Incorporated, or simply known as KRATE.

KRATE is building a decentralized storage marketplace platform providing individuals and organizations self-governed data sovereignty. The KRATE storage platform features a zero-knowledge system capable of monitoring, maintaining, and repairing any corrupt or missing data without knowing the contents or requiring intervention from the data owner. 

The Atheneum Blockchain is developing a dynamic and decentralized educational ecosystem, a hub for students, individual teachers, tutors, employees and corporate trainers, and institutions. A unique feature the platform will showcase is Atheneum Blockchain’s Proof-of-Learning (PoL). PoL is the process of recording the proof of educational history, transcripts, certificates, degrees, resumes, and more onto the blockchain. Every platform user will have access to their PoL while maintaining privacy and security, yet having the capability to share the PoL to specified parties.

Both parties have identified a strategic opportunity to explore how the KRATE platform may uniquely and properly store, secure, and allow access of information and credentials to users of Atheneum Blockchain’s PoL.

Our teams are enthusiastic about developing our individual services with the intention of creating a mutually beneficial business relationship to provide a distributed and decentralized education platform.

Through this partnership, both Atheneum Blockchain and KRATE are excited to collaborate together and not only strengthen ourselves, but the Blockchain industry as a whole.

Marshall ClarkCEO, Atheneum Blockchain

Michael ThoresonPresident/CEO, KRATE Distributed Information Systems Incorporated

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