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Learning Evolved.

We aspire to build a decentralized marketplace for knowledge that targets a wide range of audiences.
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World’s first Decentralized Autonomous Learning Organization

Through the power of blockchain, Atheneum has formed the world’s first Decentralized Autonomous Learning Organization (DALO), a free-market, educational ecosystem governed by a decentralized body. This model is fundamentally designed to provide accountability, proof-of-learning, and affordable education to people across the globe.
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Advantages of the Atheneum network

  • Fast and Secure

    Quickly send AEM on the reliable Atheneum network. Having a multitude of Masternodes supporting the network allows for transactions to be completed almost instantly.

  • Masternodes

    Provide additional privacy and security. A masternode is like a regular node, but one that has increased capabilities and is utilized to perform unique functions regular nodes can’t.

  • Proof of Stake

    Earn rewards for validating and processing Atheneum Blockchain transactions and blocks.

  • Decentralized Marketplace

    A medium through which content can be bought and sold, giving $AEM real-world utility.

Benefits of


  • Network Security

    Each Masternode increases privacy protection, improves network reliability, and provides instant transactions.

  • Decentralized Governance

    Masternode operators have the ability to vote on various budget and development proposals.

  • Passive Income

    Earn AEM for confirming transactions and processing blocks.

  • Marketplace Stewardship

    Platform success is overseen by Masternode operators, removing centralized control found in traditional education institutions.

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Decentralized Autonomous Organization

  • DAO is a cryptocurrency community with a resilient governance and funding model that puts decision making in the hands of masternode owners and uses a proposal platform to decide on community investment priorities.
  • Community members can make proposals for funding from a treasury replenished with a percentage of each mined block.
  • Masternode holders vote on which proposals to fund and have a strong incentive to select projects which will strengthen the community as they also receive a large percentage of each mined block.

Decentralized Autonomous Learning Organization

  • The DALO’s vast democratic network of masternodes vote on fiscal, oversight, and executive issues to uphold platform integrity and growth.
  • Through Atheneum’s unique, educational track of content, Atheneum First-Class (AFC), instructors may submit proposals to the DALO for funding and approved courses will be branded as AFC content.
  • The DALO is responsible for ratifying third-party partnerships to grow the Atheneum Marketplace.



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