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Atheneum Alpha Release. Yes, it’s here and on time.

 The digital asset industry, better known as the cryptocurrency industry is not renowned for sticking to release dates and various other deadlines. Rather, many projects resort to hype and pomp. Building excitement is certainly part of developing a well known brand but when there is no substance, it falls apart quickly. 

 Atheneum’s Development Team spent the summer working tirelessly to build a suitable first step toward the project’s grand goals of making waves in education. In June, Atheneum announced it would be releasing the Alpha Platform on August 15th. When projects in this industry make launch date announcements it is usually met with a passive rolling of the eyes by onlookers. This thought motivated the Atheneum Team to meet this date, no matter what it took. 

 So here we are today with the world’s first Decentralized Autonomous Learning Organization — albeit in its infancy. Those that come across Atheneum now will be able to join in with the loyal community that has been around since the project’s inception and lay claim to having witness the launch of a new era in education. 

 With that introduction, let’s take a walk through the CORPORATE TRAINING portion of the platform that is featured in the Alpha. 

Upon entering the site ( you will see some options. This will clue you into some of the future releases. Currently, you can access CORPORATE TRAINING — a portion of the platform that the team sees massive real world utility potential. The marketing team is working on inking deals to build out this portion of the platform and already have five deals either done or in the final stages with more deals in the early stages. The team’s goal is to have 20 corporate partners on-boarded for the Beta.

 Once you click on the CORPORATE TRAINING section you will see Available Courses. As more corporate partners finalize their Atheneum content it will be integrated into the platform and visible here.

 Click on a business and you’ll enter that business’s Classroom. The Classroom is where you will see a list of the various Modules that this particular corporate partner wants its employees to take. 

 Upon clicking Module 1, you will be presented with training material. This can either come in the form of text-based or video-based training. In this case, our corporate partner Perfect Tan — a Southern California tanning studio chain — has a training video for new employees that teaches them about the company’s culture and brand. 

 Once the instructional material is completed, trainees will be prompted to take a test. Tests can be any number of questions, per the specifications of the corporate partner. The Atheneum Development Team has built a platform that allows for a wide range of training and testing functionality. 

 Hopefully this brief walk through has been helpful and piqued your interest enough to check out the Alpha in person. Play around on the site and try to break things — after all, isn’t that what Alphas are for? Doing so will give you the privilege of saying that you were among the first people to see this platform that is aiming to change the world by fixing education in a real, tangible way by harnessing the power of blockchain. 

 This is only step one and there are a lot more to come but up until now the Atheneum Team has shown a consistent ability to hit milestones and deadlines while upholding the highest standards in transparency and integrity. 

Learning Evolved.

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