Meet Atheneum

Problem and Solution

Why Atheneum

Designing a decentralized hub of information on the blockchain solves the many problems of normal marketplaces on the internet:

  • These marketplaces are centrally-controlled by a select few and make decisions that affect millions of people.
  • Content-creators on most platforms only earn 75% profit or often much less for their content.
  • The members of these platforms, the content-creators  and the content-purchasers, are usually the last to see the benefits of those decisions.
  • In order to make money for their material, they have to raise prices, narrowing the user base of content-purchasers to only those who can afford the higher cost of entry to that knowledge.
  • Last but not least, payments are made using currencies that don’t appreciate over time, but actually depreciate as supply continues to increase.
Our Mission

Fundamentally improve education by providing a free market ecosystem where incentives are maximized for both instructors and students alike.


Our community has a dedicated hub of innovators that are passionate about pushing the boundaries of traditional educational systems to pioneer new technologies and learning formats.


Our experienced team continually sets itself apart from other blockchain projects through transparency and a remarkable persistence to fulfill our mission.

DALO is the Key

The world’s first DALO, or Decentralized Autonomous Learning Organization, focuses the power of the DAO model to solve problems in both education and blockchain industries.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

  • DAO is a cryptocurrency community with a resilient governance and funding model that puts decision making in the hands of masternode owners and uses a proposal platform to decide on community investment priorities.
  • Community members can make proposals for funding from a treasury replenished with a percentage of each mined block.
  • Masternode holders vote on which proposals to fund and have a strong incentive to select projects which will strengthen the community as they also receive a large percentage of each mined block.

Decentralized Autonomous Learning Organization

  • The DALO’s vast democratic network of masternodes vote on fiscal, oversight, and executive issues to uphold platform integrity and growth.
  • Through Atheneum’s unique, educational track of content, Atheneum First-Class (AFC), instructors may submit proposals to the DALO for funding and approved courses will be branded as AFC content.
  • The DALO is responsible for ratifying third-party partnerships to grow the Atheneum Marketplace.

Atheneum Project Road map

Q4 2018

● Establish Core Team
● Build the final version of the Ember (v1.1.5.6) wallet in preparation for the swap from Ember to Atheneum
● Develop Cross-chain swap method
● Run Testnet for the Atheneum blockchain

Q1 2019

Commence Prophase
● Launch the Atheneum Blockchain Mainnet
● Launch Atheneum Website 2.0
● Release Whitepaper 1.0
● Release AEM Wallet
○ Windows ○ OSX
○ Linux
● January 7th, 2019: Commence 30-day swap period for community members to transfer their holdings from Embercoin to Atheneum
● Setup Atheneum Masternode Governance
● Begin Marketplace Platform Development
● Redesign to modern Logo and Branding to fit use-case
● Strengthen network reliability by promoting Masternode operations
● Pursue additional listings on exchanges
● Pursue additional listings on staking sites
● Pursue additional listings on Masternode-focused sites

Q2 2019

● Continue Development of Alpha Phase of the Marketplace Platform
● Pursue additional listings on exchanges
● Pursue additional listings on staking sites

Q3 2019

Commence Metaphase
● Release Alpha-Phase of the Marketplace Platform
● Onboard Atheneum Testnet Instructors
● Onboard Atheneum Testnet Students
● Implement bounty program to incentivize early platform adoption
● Launch the instructor communication page
○ Field within an instructor’s course channel where students can post comments and questions and instructors can reply
● Pursue additional listings on exchanges

Q4 2019

● Implement Educational Review System
○ The review system was intentionally left out of the early testnet so that
instructors’ reputations were not negatively affected by any inefficiencies that were a product of the platform
○ 1-5 Star review system for a specific unit of content
○ 1-5 Star review system for an instructor
○ Show finish rate of students that complete specific content from an
● Pursue partnerships for the Atheneum Platform
○ Educational Institutes
○ Workplace Environments
● Pursue additional listings on exchanges
View full Road map of Atheneum Project in our White Paper.