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The People of Atheneum — Meet The Copywriter

The blockchain industry as a whole does not have a long track record but the track record that it has managed to produce in its short existence has been one shrouded in mysterious projects, unknown developers, secretive deals and questionable practices.

From its inception, the Atheneum project has made a point to quell some of these fears through team transparency and open dialog. Today’s article will highlight another team member of Atheneum, a long time community member but one of the newest hires on the project: Syed. Syed is jumping into an important role for Atheneum as its Lead Copywriter. This position is crucial because he will be required to help convey the message of how Atheneum plans to execute on its grand vision for the betterment of education.

So let’s jump into my interview with Syed.

Syed Saqib Alam | Lead Copywriter

Syed, how did you first get involved with Atheneum (then Ember Coin)?

“My journey with Atheneum began in mid 2017 when the bull run had already started and I was getting into crypto. A friend had told me about Embercoin and proof of stake. At the time, I didn’t have any idea about its inflation rate, distribution or development. Unfortunately, Embercoin inflated itself to the point of no return and the project was declared dead. There were a lot of lessons learned but little did I know that this was just the beginning of my journey.”

When you realized that the Ember project was pretty much a scam, what were your thoughts and what was your next move?

“Although the Ember Coin project was dead, I was surprised to see the whole community pull together and poll ideas on the best way to move forward. It took a long time to come to a consensus because the community wanted to develop something that had a real world use case. At the end of the day, the community voted for swapping to Atheneum and developing education on the blockchain. Even the name ‘Atheneum’ was voted for by the community.”

Did you have any doubts about the future of the project? What changes did you notice when the new leadership came in?

“I was personally very impressed with the difference in communication, community involvement and honesty from the start with the Atheneum team. Throughout this entire bear market, I have seen the project continue to develop and grow. They have kept the community engaged through the excellent fireside chats by Marcus and Marshall. Not to mention the regular airdrops, trivia sessions and wallet theme contest that has kept the community buzzing.”

What excites you about Atheneum and why did you want to officially join the team?

“Atheneum is on the path to execute on its vision of linking education with the blockchain. We are partnering with educational institutions to reduce inflated administrative costs and automate many processes on the blockchain. Proof of learning is also another concept that Atheneum is developing. It is a system wherein an individual’s educational credentials can be kept on the blockchain for any interested party to verify. This is exciting news for both professionals and the education industry which has been very slow to adapt to new technologies.”

What makes Atheneum unique in a crowded crypto market?

“I’m glad that Atheneum is working with the current education system to make it better using blockchain technology. To my knowledge, it is the first crypto to do so and I for one certainly feel lucky to be a part of the project from the very beginning. I believe in the team and look forward with renewed hope and optimism to what the future holds for Atheneum.”

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