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Follow us and join the Atheneum community on social media. Easily stay up to date via platforms you use on a daily basis, conveniently share our project and news on your feeds, plus you can join the conversation and have your say, too. These days, social media is a powerful tool to drive and engage with audiences. By communicating who we are and where we’re going, we hope to spread Atheneum in such a way that invigorates and produces passionate people who want to make a difference.

We are mainly active across Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Youtube, and Reddit – while all internal project communications remain on Discord.

Facebook: Being the most popular social media platform in the world, Facebook is great for connecting with the everyday consumer. It’s a powerful way to put content directly in front of large audiences and  You can go like our page here:

Twitter: Twitter is fast-paced yet easy-to-use and is fantastic for sharing quick information. It’s a gold mine of millions of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts who use the platform on a daily basis. Go follow Atheneum here:

Telegram: An instant-messaging application widely used as a place to release info in a channel that immediately targets users who have joined said channel. You can join our Telegram channel here:

Youtube: The top video-sharing platform in the world and has become extensively accessed to learn more about a specific cryptocurrency. We will utilize YouTube as means to host all of our video content that can be quickly cross-posted across other social media platforms. Subscribe to Atheneum on YouTube here:

Discord: Discord is used for all internal project communications for Atheneum. We house multiple channels for our departments that allow users sneak peeks into the everyday workings of the team. If you wish to see what we’re up to inbetween social media posts, join our Discord here:

Reddit: If you frequent Reddit threads, we have a subreddit for you. Redditors can follow the discussion here: